Is Your Driveway Safe?

Your driveway can be a dangerous place, especially if you have multiple people coming in and out all the time. While most people probably don’t think twice about their driveway being a potentially dangerous place, the truth is that a large number of pedestrians and children are hit each year.

Parents and drivers need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your driveway is safe for everyone. Here are some important driveway safety tips that all homeowners need to keep in mind:

1. Always make sure that the driveway is clear before reversing or moving forward. When reversing out of your driveway, make sure to be on high alert for other cars, children, pedestrians, cyclists, and animals.

2. Pull into your driveway slowly – you never know when children could be playing or if another vehicle is reversing out of the driveway.

3. Never allow your children to play in the driveway without adult supervision. Always keep your driveway clear of objects and debris of any kind.

4. If your view is obstructed by a tree, bush, or your home, proceed with extreme caution. Make sure that you use your mirrors for all changes in direction. Your driveway is a high traffic zone.

People are always coming and going, and children frequently use it as a place to play. This is why you need to keep it safe. What steps do you take to ensure that you’re your driveway is safe?

Source: Insurance Hunter.CA